10 Alternatives to Google+ (Google Plus)

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Google’s leading social networking platform is Google+. It was first tested in the middle of 2011, and it combines the delectable dishes offered by the majority of well-known social media platforms, spruces it up, and delivers it with a dab of honey and milk to make it go down easily.

You classify people you know into circles on Google+ based on their contributions to your life. You can share, connect, and pretty much do anything else with these. Google+ is fantastic at improving how well the planet and its inhabitants can interact. But if you decide it’s not to your taste, there are plenty of other options that work just as well—if not better—at keeping you close to the people you care about and quenching your appetite for romance, excitement, adventure, and a wonderful social media existence.

Google+-like websites

Here are the top Google+ alternatives that are definitely worth looking into and eventually joining.


The world is currently obsessed with Facebook, and rightfully so. Facebook is unquestionably one of the best social media platforms and a great Google Plus substitute. It enables you to have as many friends as you want, keeps you in touch with them and aware of their activities, and significantly improves and orgasmizes the world.

Without Facebook, where would we be in life? Hopefully we won’t ever have to find out! Additionally, you can look at a handful of the top Facebook alternatives.


Tumblr is a fantastic Google+ substitute that enables sharing of anything and everything. It allows you to publish images, texts, links, quotes, movies, music, and the like from your email, PC, browser, phone, and other devices. It is incredibly versatile, immensely enjoyable, and supremely beautiful.

It’s a microblogging site unlike any other and it’s plenty of fun. You’ll practically be performing cartwheels every day thanks to Tumblr because of how fabulous it makes you feel!


If you had the godlike ability to disassemble Facebook and give its privacy-seeking muscles excessive amounts of steroid injections, the result would be Diaspora. The majority of us no longer have as much concern with this particular social media platform concerning the disclosure of our personal information.

As a result, users may rest easy and share anything they want with anybody they want under the utmost security. It runs superbly and offers a very competitive alternative to Google+ or any other social media as a social media site where significant events take place.


With Pinterest, you’re kind of transported back to high school, where the hallways were lined with various pin boards promoting or exhibiting various things. You get to interact with people who have similar photographic interests to you, enjoy the aforementioned pictures, and occasionally give your eyes an orgasm.

Despite being mostly picture-focused, Pinterest nevertheless offers a great overall experience that makes it a top Google Plus alternative.


VK, which has its roots in Russia, is the biggest social networking platform in the EU. Users of popular social networking platforms have access to create, send, and share nearly anything on those platforms, including images, videos, posts, and other media.

It’s a very strong Google+ rival that has the ability to make you completely forget about Google+’s existence. It’s currently available in 83 languages and counting, offers an unmatched customisable user experience, and supports multiple accounts. Just ignore the fact that it is Russian-owned and indulge in the decadent treats it so masterfully serves!


Minds is a social network that lets you say whatever you like, however you like, to whoever you like. It is open-source and has a strong focus on free expression. Which makes it a helpful tool and a social networking platform that is well worth friending if you want to hear what different people may think about equally different problems.

It distinguishes itself with a very polished user experience and masterfully fuses the functions and content of websites like Facebook and YouTube. Which firmly places it on the list of the top Google+ alternatives you can find on our lovely planet.


Mastodon is a free and open-source microblogging social media platform with extreme user customisation. It is an incredibly charming creature that is well worth the stress of taming and befriending, and it also boasts extreme user customization.

Mastodon is one of the few decentralised microblogging platforms that is as smooth and delicious. Rock it and use your words to influence the world.


Movim is a little-known distributed social network that allows users to build up their own servers to host content, although it is highly regarded by those in the know. After that, these servers collaborate to exchange user-generated content.

Your personal files are consequently far safer and aren’t residing in a location where they could be seized, hacked, or improperly used. Released onto the social media scene only a few months ago, it has the potential to become much bigger than before and is definitely worth looking into.


Twister, which is decentralised and made for unrivalled peer-to-peer microblogging, includes end-to-end encryption to guarantee the highest levels of secrecy and privacy. It uses elements from some of the most popular social media platforms and the security framework of Bitcoin to offer an incredibly safe and hack-resistant social network service. It is available on a number of OS.

Do you have something to say, but you’re afraid your government will kill you for it? Use Twister instead of Google+; it’s much better!

Social GNU

You might be right to think of it as a slightly modified version of Twitter. It’s a free, open-source communication tool that you can host on your own and that enables seamless connections across various microblogging groups.

Although it is quite feature-rich and configurable for both professional and amateur computer hobbyists, configuring and using it can be a little awkward for the average Joe. Even yet, it offers a very useful function that, in the hands of a skilled user, may make it invaluable.

Which Google Plus alternative is your favourite?
It’s time to broaden your horizons by connecting to other social networking platforms that make you feel like a five-year-old at a cool birthday party when Google+ no longer rocks your world. The list above is not all-inclusive, but to us, it represents the best of the best. So ignore Google+, look at the list, and come back to thank us later. Check out some of the Google alternatives as well.

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