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Both iPhone and Android users have utilised call recorder apps to store voice recordings of calls for professional, legal, security, and other purposes. It’s not allowed to use call recorder applications anywhere, and Google outlawed them with the Android Pie upgrade. As a result, finding one that functions properly on Android phones has become challenging. Although we’ve compiled the top apps that have run smoothly on certain phones, we can’t guarantee they will on yours. In order to identify the apps that work, you might need to download more than one of them. Let’s look at the top ten Android call recorder apps.

RSA’s Automatic Call Recorder

One of the top call recording applications on the Google Play Store, Automatic Call Recorder by Recorder & Smart Apps has an overall rating of 4.6. You may quickly organise the call recordings that are saved on your phone using this app. Your call is automatically recorded, however the recordings are not saved right away. At the conclusion of each call, it prompts you to decide whether to save the recording. Consequently, your phone is free of clutter. Although Automatic Call Recorder by RSA does not support cloud integration, you can share your recordings through a variety of services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Skype. It also supports ads, but you can upgrade to the pro version if they annoy you.

ACR Cube Call Recorder

Our top call recording app for Android should be Cube Call Recorder ACR. This programme not only allows you to record phone calls, but calls from other VoIP services including Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, IMO, Line, Hangouts, Telegram, and Slack as well. The VoIP call recording capability isn’t available on all devices, though. In order to see if it functions on your phone, you must first install it. This free phone recording app doesn’t show any adverts while recording your calls, unlike some other free call recording apps. The greatest call recording service is thus provided at no cost to you. It is also among the best WhatsApp call recorders available.

ACR Call Recorder

One of the greatest apps for Android phones is called Call Recorder – ACR. It works on almost all of the phones we tried it with, so you might want to give it a shot first. You can record your incoming and outgoing calls using this app without first opening it. You may quickly save your recordings on OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, WebDAV, and FTP because it also supports cloud connection. Your recordings can also be sent by email. Ads are present in the Call Recorder – ACR free edition, but you may purchase the pro version to get rid of them.

Record calls by Lovekara

Another free call recorder tool that enables you automatically record calls is Call Recorder by Lovekara. All recordings can also be stored on an SD card or the phone’s storage. You cannot, however, keep your recordings on the cloud using this method. The fact that there are too many adverts and no premium version to get rid of them is one thing we didn’t enjoy about this app. The ads shouldn’t be an issue, though, as you wouldn’t be using the app for long periods of time. It also does its job well and is free.


Although the majority of us only use Truecaller as a caller ID software, it is capable of much more. An additional function of Truecaller is call recording. If you currently use Truecaller, there is no need for you to download any other apps from this list. Because it is not included in the free edition, you might not have seen the call recording option. When you sign up for Truecaller’s premium plan, you receive it. You have 14 days to use the call recorder for free to determine if you like it or not.

Top Weather Studios’ Call Recorder

A call recording app made by Top Weather Studios has a tonne of presets. We appreciate that there are options available. One of the few apps that offers settings like recording all calls, ignoring all calls, ignoring calls from contacts, and recording all calls is this one. Therefore, you only need to record crucial calls and not those that are not. Since you don’t have to listen to every call a second time, you also have the choice to manually record your calls. You can save your recordings in MP3 format after you’ve finished recording and keep them on your SD card or even in Google Drive. Your recordings can also be sent by email.

Call Blackbox Recorder

An automatic call recorder with excellent display features is called Blackbox Call Recorder. First of all, after the programme has been installed, you don’t need to do anything. Without any interruption, it will record each call you make and receive. You can store a backup of your calls in Google Drive after recording. As a result, you can access them whenever you like. Other features of this app include Bluetooth earphone support, dual sim support, the capability to instantly delete all of your previous recordings, and security features that let you lock your recordings or hide them from other apps on your phone.

Call recorder by Boldbeast

A freemium call recording app for Android called Boldbeast Call Recorder may or may not function on your phone. If it functions on your smartphone, you’ll get to use several useful features. A hot-key can be programmed into the settings to manually record calls. This call recorder doubles as a voice recorder for the phone. You should be able to use this app on a smartphone running Android 5.0 through Android 8.0. Access to the app may also be possible for users of rooted Android 9.0 devices.

RMC: Call Recorder for Android

RMC: Of all the call recorder apps available on the Google Play Store, Android Call Recorder boasts the most capabilities. Its versatility in recording storage is one of its best features, in our opinion. Call recordings are available in a number of formats, including 3GP, MP4, and AMR. Additionally, you are not need to open the app when a call comes in. All of your incoming and outgoing calls are automatically recorded. You don’t lose your recordings when you erase them. Instead, they are kept in the app’s built-in trash folder. If they were unintentionally erased, you can still find them. You can completely customise your sample rate, bit rate, and recording channels with this call recorder as well. You are able to store your files on Google Drive or Dropbox thanks to its seamless cloud integration.

2020 All Call Recorder Lite

For those seeking for a call recorder app with basic capabilities and nothing too serious, All Call Recorder Lite is a suitable option. You can manually enable or deactivate your incoming or outgoing call records with this app. Additionally, it contains a built-in audio player that you may use to listen to recordings whenever you like. Because it’s a simple programme, you can’t upload your files to the cloud or transfer them to an SD card. You can download this app if you need one that won’t take up much space on your phone and nonetheless records calls you might require in the near future.

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