Checking Internet Speed

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Checking Internet Speed One of the greatest things to happen to humanity is the internet. But it’s not necessarily so amazing, just like a lot of other things. It can occasionally lag and cause problems for a variety of reasons. Checking the speed of an internet connection is one of the most frequent things that everyone does while trying to diagnose the issues with a slow connection. What is the best technique to determine your internet connection’s speed then? If you’ve ever wondered, we’ll cover the several ways to check the speed of your internet connection in this article.

Earlier than performing an Internet Speed Test

Make sure that none of the connected devices are using internet data before doing an internet speed test. For instance, the speed test tools might not be able to determine the precise speed of your connection if any background applications are using the internet during the process. Therefore, you should ensure that no background internet services or connected devices, such as your smartphone or table, are using your internet connection. If there are any, you can stop them and turn off the Wi-Fi until the test is complete.

The website by OOKLA is one of the top results when you Google something about an internet speed test. Checking the internet connection speed from various locations and using various ISP servers located all over the world is a very popular service. The website includes many tools that let you fully analyse your internet connection. It measures your internet connection’s upload and download speeds as well as its Ping. It will make sure that you can check more information besides only download and upload speeds.

In order to test the internet connection speed from numerous locations and servers from various ISPs, now lets you switch between the servers and locations. You can test your Wi-Fi or mobile data speed using the service’s applications that are accessible for mobile devices. One of the finest and simplest ways to accurately measure the speed of your internet connection is to use

You can reliably verify your internet connection speed with Netflix’s service. 

The website’s user interface is rather straightforward. 

As soon as you access the website, all you can see is the download and upload speed of your connection. 

The website doesn’t have any additional information. 

It doesn’t contain any extra junk and is only focused on determining your internet connection speed. 

Compared to many other services that come with a lot of adverts, which may be annoying for most people, the website has absolutely no ads, which makes it fairly fantastic. So, the ideal option for you is if you don’t want to see any adverts when monitoring how quickly your internet is.

Google speed test

Google has been adding several capabilities to its search engine so that users don’t need to go to any other websites to carry out simple tasks like figuring out the values of fundamental numbers or discovering the right time in their location. They recently included a function that lets you check the speed of your internet connection. The first result that appears on search results when you Google “internet speed test” or any related terms is a box with a blue Run Speed Test button. A pop-up window with the metre that measures your download and upload speeds will appear when you click the button.

Therefore, you can just Google the terms and utilise their service to check your internet connection speed if you don’t want to visit any websites or use any applications. In comparison to many other internet speed test services, the accuracy of the results is quite good. Therefore, you can rely on it to determine the precise speed of your existing internet connection and utilise the information to identify the issues.

Internet speed test on Bing

Bing’s search engine has a speed test tool, just like Google’s. Bing returns a similar box to Google where you can easily test the speed of your internet connection if you search for any terms connected to the internet speed test. Without a doubt, the results are accurate, and the only fancy features are those that display your internet connection’s download and upload speeds. Therefore, you can use the Bing internet speed test if none of the websites, apps, or tools on the above list appeal to you.

Speedtest Apps

There are many programmes available to measure internet speed. Any of these can be used to obtain information about download and upload speeds. Installing an application on your smartphone will be more practical if you routinely monitor connection speeds as opposed to visiting the internet each time. Therefore, you can install any of those applications on your devices and use them whenever you wish to verify the speed of your internet connection.

Things to be conscious of

It is usually advised to use several services to verify your internet connection in order to acquire reliable stats. All services may encounter issues or challenges when attempting to accurately measure speed during a speed test. In order to be sure, if you feel like checking the speed of your internet connection, be sure to use several of the websites and/or applications described above in order to determine the precise speed of your current internet connection. This is crucial, especially if you’re trying to troubleshoot your connection.

You might not always receive the optimum speeds when using a Wi-Fi connection from your router as opposed to a wired connection. Various factors can cause Wi-Fi signals to change over time. Therefore, the issues may not necessarily be with your internet’s speed. In order to get the best results while evaluating the speed of your internet connection from a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone or tablet, make sure that you are standing close to the router.

Just like that, your router or smartphone might not be able to handle the speed if you have an exceptionally fast internet connection (with more than 100 Mbps speed). Only the amount that the devices can handle will be sufficient. This implies that even if you have a 1 Gbps internet connection, the internet speed test programmes will only display 100 Mbps as your internet connection speed if your equipment can only handle that amount of data. Therefore, it is preferable to test an incredibly fast internet connection using a connected device.

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