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Create a YouTube Account The largest video-sharing website is YouTube, which is a Google property. YouTube likely boasts the largest library of videos on the internet, with millions of hours of content. According to statistics, around 150,000 videos and more than 500,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. You can therefore infer the size of this video-sharing website. Some well-known YouTubers, like PewDiePie, profit handsomely through sponsorships and advertising. We’ll discuss that in a subsequent piece. Let’s make you a YouTube account for the time being.

Creating a YouTube account is really simple. Basically, in order to use YouTube, you need to register a Google account. As stated in the article, a single account can be used to access everything Google. Therefore, by following the instructions in that post, you may go make one. Hopefully, you did. If not, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up a YouTube account. If not, we’ll walk you through the process of logging into YouTube with your Google/Gmail account.

On a computer, create a YouTube account.

The procedures for creating a YouTube account vary slightly depending on the device you are using. Therefore, follow the instructions for your particular device and platform. We’ll start by setting up a YouTube account on a desktop computer:

  1. Check out the YouTube website.
  2. Click Sign in in the top right corner. YouTube will sign you in for you if you are already in into your Google account. If not, enter your Google password and email address.
  3. Create a Google account if you don’t already have one by selecting the Create account option in the bottom left corner.
  4. Depending on the kind, choose For my own use, For my child, For work, or For my business.
  5. The first two fields should contain your first and last names.
  6. Your email address should be entered in the text box below. You still have the option to alter your mind and choose Create a new Gmail address.
  7. If you need to be sure your passwords are exactly the same, enter them in both of the boxes below and choose Show password.
  8. Choose Next.
  9. By entering the verification code that was sent to your email, you can verify your email address. Choose Next.
  10. You’ll be prompted to enter a phone number for your account after typing the verification code.
  11. You’ll be asked to enter your personal information, including your gender, recovery email address, date of birth, and more, after you type the six-digit code that was sent to you via SMS.
  12. I accept the terms of service after reading them and selecting Next.
  13. The profile picture for your YouTube account is now shown in the top right corner. Select it to access Your channel.
  14. Also generated was a YouTube channel with the URL Take note of this. By clicking the circle with a camera within, you can also change the profile image. Additionally, you can choose a unique handle for your account by going to the YouTube Handle page.

Making a YouTube Account on an Android Device

These procedures can also be used to create a YouTube account on an Android device:

  1. Open the Android YouTube app.
  2. In the top right corner, tap the user profile icon.
  3. Choose Add account.
  4. If you don’t already have one, select Create account to start creating your Google account. The remaining steps are exactly the same as creating an account on a computer browser. Otherwise, use your phone number and email address to log in.

How to Create a YouTube Account on iOS

For iOS, the procedures are the same. For your convenience, we are quickly repeating them:

Open the YouTube app on iOS or download it.

Press the menu button.

Click Sign in. Ensure that it has the rights necessary to open the pop-up in a new tab or window.

If you don’t already have one, create one. If not, sign in using your Google account.

That’s all; your YouTube account is now successfully logged into. Without creating an account, you can still watch videos on YouTube. However, logging in will allow you to use YouTube’s Like, Subscribe, Watch Later, Shorts, and Watch History features.

How to Register a Business Account on YouTube

Recently, we discussed setting up a personal account for your necessities. What about a business, then? Is it OK to open a regular account for your company? Not if things stay the same. Before setting up a YouTube account for your business, you need consider a few factors. The majority of business owners will want to create a YouTube channel that is distinct and simple to find and is branded with their company name. Therefore, the first step is to choose a distinct, memorable channel name that appeals to the correct demographic. Yes, many channels with the same name may exist.

Then, it is advised to include your company email when setting up a Google account. The aforementioned page on setting up a Gmail account has more information. After creating a Google account, sign in using the same instructions as above. It is now time to create a channel for your company. As was indicated earlier, make sure to select a distinct channel identification that corresponds to your company name. Make minor modifications if you can’t truly locate one so that users can tell your channel apart.

The steps are the same as when making a new account. However, after creating a regular YouTube account, follow these steps to turn it into a Brand account:

  1. In the top corner, click the profile photo.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Select Manage or Add a Channel (s).
  4. zBy entering a name and selecting Create, you may create a new channel.
  5. Now, you may choose it from the drop-down option above your default channel.

It’s time to expand your audience after developing a branded channel in order to get additional customers to your company. Fortunately, YouTube enables business owners to advertise their brands on YouTube. More information is available on the YouTube Advertising website.

Interesting YouTube Facts

These fascinating details about the industry titan of video search engines can teach you more. A detailed article containing hundreds of YouTube facts will be covered in the near future. So, pay attention.

  • As of 2022, YouTube is the most popular website for sharing videos online.
  • On the Internet, it is the second-most popular search engine.
  • If you’re curious, you can watch the original YouTube video, which was posted on April 24, 2005.
  • Statista estimates that 2.6 billion people will be using YouTube in 2022.
  • Every minute, almost 500 hours of video are posted to YouTube.
  • According to the YouTube Press Blog page, there are typically 1 billion video views on YouTube every day.
  • As of 2022, YouTube receives more than 122 million unique viewers every day.
  • Every single day, almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube.
  • On average, 3.25 billion hours of video are seen on YouTube each month.
  • 10,113 YouTube videos, roughly, generated over 1 billion views.
  • The YouTube audience is international to the tune of 80–90%.
  • According to reliable sources, YouTube’s influence will lead to half of viewers under the age of 32 not subscribing to a pay-TV service by 2025.
  • In a breakdown of YouTube users by gender, female users make up 46.1% and male users make up 53.9%.
  • YouTube is accessible in more than 100 countries and 80 different languages.
  • In the US, about 10% of small businesses have YouTube profiles.
  • According to reports from BusinessInsider, 20% of visitors to YouTube videos will click away within the first 10 seconds.
  • In 2021, YouTube will make $8.6 billion from YouTube advertising, which is a significant portion of its revenue.

You now know how to set up a YouTube account for either personal or professional use. You only need to remember that creating a Google account enables you to use all YouTube features. As already indicated, you can make money via YouTube. Before using YouTube frequently, we also advise reading about its benefits and drawbacks.

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