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Finding a free VPN that performs properly on a mobile device is difficult. The majority of services are quite slow, and some even fail to provide you with the entire level of safety they guarantee. Additionally unpleasant aspects of mobile VPNs include the presence of excessive advertisements and even data leakage. Sometimes, something isn’t worth spending your entire budget on. Based on performance, speed, and security, we’ve selected the top free mobile VPN for Android and IOS devices to assist you in making the best choice when choosing the VPN to use on your mobile device.

Android apps with a free VPN

Just like with any other device, such as your PC or laptop, keeping your Android phones secure is essential. So, for your Android smartphones or tablets, here are the top free VPN apps.

Windscribe A great VPN for Android users is Windscribe. The only drawback we found with it was that the free plan’s data cap is 10GB per month. Despite not paying anything, you have access to more than 10 servers worldwide. Additionally, you benefit from quick browsing and have a choice of the four VPN protocols: Stealth, OpenVPN, UDP/TCP, and IKEv2. They assert to uphold a no-log policy and give you access to your complete log through the settings. Windscribe is an option for streaming, however doing so can hasten the data’s depletion.


We now know that amazing things are also available for no cost thanks to ProtonVPN. It doesn’t charge anything, sell your data to advertisers in secret, show any advertising, or have data limits. This free open-source Android VPN protects your data using AES-256-bit encryption, 4096 RSA encryption, and DNS leak protection. Additionally, it supports Open VPN and IKEv2/IPsec, two VPN protocols. To exclude some apps and services from VPN traffic, it employs split-tunneling. A kill switch prevents the device from connecting when the VPN is stopped. The network speed is the only problem we have with this VPN. There is no support for streaming on it.

Another free mobile VPN that Android users may like is called You may easily start using the service by clicking the “Enable VPN” button on your home page. You only receive 10GB of data each month with the free version. It is the fastest of all the apps on this list. You may enjoy buffer-free movie streaming. Up to 5 locations are also available in the free edition, however you cannot manually select your server. IKEv2 and OpenVPN are the two VPN protocols that supports. Additionally, it utilises a kill switch and features a split tunnelling capability.


PrivateVPN isn’t entirely cost-free. You can only try the service out for free for seven days to see if you like it. Since you don’t have to provide your payment information, you don’t have to worry about being automatically charged when the 7-day period ends. It has a kill switch, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, and 256-bit encryption for security. It also strictly enforces the no-logs rule. You may use your PrivateVPN to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer while connected to up to 6 devices simultaneously.

Hotspot Shield,

With the help of Hotspot Shield, you can browse anonymously. But as a free VPN, it has some restrictions. First off, there is just one US server available to you if you use the free version of this VPN. Additionally, you are limited to 500MB of data each day (15GB data cap per month). Additionally, it blocks Netflix on the server you have access to and shows a tonne of advertisements so that you can pay for your subscription. Additionally, despite having a no-logs policy, it nevertheless provides anonymous data to advertising.

Free VPN applications for iPads and iPhones

Any of these VPN applications that are offered on the iOS Store can be used to secure an iOS device, such as an iPhone or an iPad.

first TunnelBear

With the help of the well-known VPN programme TunnelBear, you may browse securely on your iOS device from various locations. You have the choice of letting the programme choose the best location for you or manually choose the places you want to go. We have a problem with this programme because its free plan only provides 500MB of data per month, which is not much. On the other hand, if you don’t intend to stream movies or play games, this might be acceptable for you. It uses AES-256-bit encryption to protect your data and offers a simple, intuitive UI.

SurfEasy VPN

One of the most downloaded and highly reviewed apps on the Apple Store is VPN from SurfEasy. You can choose your preferred location or let our software identify the optimal spot to route your traffic through. Your data is never stored on their servers because to their no-logs policy, and they use A-256 bank-grade security to make sure it never gets out. Additionally, the VPN from SurfEasy has a tracker filtering algorithm that disables cookies. You may upgrade to the premium subscription for this VPN for $1.99/month to access all the best features.


Betternet is incredibly user-friendly, and the Apple Store has many excellent reviews of it. The free version has fewer functionality and shows adverts on your phone. It has a no-logs policy and uses powerful encryption to safeguard your browsing data, ensuring that no one can access your private data. Betternet connects you instantly to the fastest server it can discover, saving you the hassle of having to search for the best servers. Additionally, it features a number of servers spread throughout several nations, allowing for quick browsing.

Hotspot Shield,

The performance of Hotspot Shield on Android smartphones isn’t fantastic. Additionally, it has gotten excellent reviews on the Apple Store. When you download and open the software, Hotspot Shield requests that you create an account (or sign in). Considering that it enables you to use it without making an account, you can also choose to omit this step. It promises quick speed and has numerous servers spread across more than 70 locations. This software uses military-grade encryption to safeguard your data. By using its 1Password feature, you can easily manage your passwords as well. You may upgrade to the premium version of Hotspot Shield for $7.99/month to get the most out of it.

VPN in Touch

On your iOS device, you should also check out VPN in Touch. Although it doesn’t have as many functions as the others, it will nonetheless give you enough safety when you’re browsing the internet. It contains an ad blocker to enhance your browsing experience and a data compression algorithm to assist you in using less data. The functions are constrained, much like with other free VPN providers. By purchasing the pro edition of VPN Touch ($29.99/year), you can use its more sophisticated capabilities.

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