Google Pixel Fold could sport Samsung display panels, suggests leak

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The Google Pixel Fold is a highly anticipated device because it’ll present to the world Google’s take on Android for foldable devices, among other things. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot we know about it right now – but as the rumored Q1 2023 launch date draws closer, we are seeing tidbits of information leak out. The latest throws some light on the kind of display the device will be sporting.

According to developer Kuba Wojciechowscki in an exclusive by 91mobiles, the Pixel Fold will feature internal and external displays and both will be manufactured by Samsung. The larger panel on the inside will have a resolution of 1840×2208, which if you run some numbers on will give you an aspect ratio very similar to the Galaxy Z Fold4. The brightness will touch 1200 nits peak, with the typical maximum brightness standing at 800 nits.

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Wojciechowscki wasn’t too sure about the refresh rate but he did state that it could go up to 120Hz, which is pretty much expected in this age of ultra-smooth, high-refresh-rate displays. Meanwhile, the dimensions could be 123mm x 148mm.

Moving on to the photography aspects, it was leaked earlier that the Pixel Fold might come with triple cameras, with the primary sensor being a Sony IMX787 sensor. This will be alongside an IMX386 ultra-wide lens and an S5K3J1 telephoto lens. The inner display will probably house an IMX355 sensor.

Google Pixel Fold could sport Samsung

Of course, it’s advisable to take all this with a pinch of salt since Google is yet to even confirm the existence of any foldable device of its own. It was earlier thought that the Pixel Fold will be hitting the shelves this year but with the year coming to a close now, that seems impossible. This is corroborated by a more recent report suggesting the foldable phone will arrive by March 2023.

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