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So you want to access free WiFi by connecting to the nearby hotspot or router that offers it? You’re not alone, and your desire is justified so long as you don’t attempt to access the network by figuring out the Wifi password. You might enjoy 4K streaming or downloading big files from home, within a building, or at a friend’s place. But if you’re out and about, you’ll be lucky to even stumble upon a network. Then, it must either be unlocked or openly disclose a password. Even then, the WiFi will probably have sluggish rates. Here’s how to locate the top free WiFi hotspots in public.

Shopping centres

The fact that it offers the best of both worlds helped this one take the top rank. First off, there are several shops that provide wifi. Second, the shopping centre may have its own WiFi network that you may access while you’re waiting for someone or simply taking a seat to relax. Both are frequently unlocked and will provide a respectable Internet speed because to your proximity to the source. What is ideal? Nobody is pressuring you to make a purchase in order to use it. Just be aware that you’ll need to pass the connection forward to others.

Town parks

Your nearby public park is another cost-free alternative for getting a Wifi connection. Several parks might exist in your city. But at least one hotspot should be present in each of them. There is no need to dress appropriately for a mall, and the competition won’t be as fierce if there are several dispersed covert routers. The drawback is that you’ll always need to monitor your speed to determine whether you’re getting close to the source. You could still need to compete for a bench space, depending on the number of routers.


With good reason, restaurants that offer free WiFi frequently notice an uptick in patronage. They frequently insist that you order something off the menu and have your bill printed with a Wifi password. Sometimes, but less frequently, their WiFi network has no password, or you can ask for it at the counter. Since this service is a major selling feature for restaurants, it is also simple to discover which ones provide it. It also makes total sense. As we eat at home, we all navigate through the feed and watch movies on Netflix or IPTV.

Motels and inns

This is the ideal choice if you need to download, watch in 4K, or play video games using a VPN. In most situations, your room will have a dedicated router, which by default will increase WiFi speed. In contrast to the alternatives listed above, you can also ask the staff to reset the gadget for you in an effort to improve the Wifi signal. Additionally, you might be able to ask the staff for the empty room with the fastest connection if there is little occupancy.


Getting back to free possibilities, there are libraries. In order to avoid disturbing individuals who are busy, public libraries frequently have a password printed on a piece of paper for everyone to see. This network may be quite quick depending on how many people are using it. By the way, you’re not only limited to open ones. If the password isn’t already underlined elsewhere, you can always go to the nearby school, college, or university and ask a student in the library for it.

Services for transportation

A few years ago, this wasn’t even a possibility, much less one of the top public WiFi hotspots. Currently, it has gradually grown to play a crucial role in transportation services including taxis, Uber, Lyft, buses, railroads, etc. The majority of contemporary cars come equipped with a mobile hotspot that builds an internal WiFi network. This is a great way to pass the time, keep informed, and simply get the most value out of a ticket that you had to pay in the first place. Additionally, because the network is constantly in use, they don’t need to secure it with a password.

Hotspot ISPs

You therefore bought a wired Internet connection for your home from a certain ISP (Internet Service Provider). But did you realise that this also gives you permission to access their network of open hotspots? They use this as an additional selling factor as they must cover a huge territory anyhow. It is true that you most likely need to sign in using an ISP-provided account username and password. But all that should be required is an email or a phone call to customer support.

Camping areas

This might be among the best public Wifi hotspots, depending on your home nation and degree of trip enthusiasm. Getting a dependable public Internet connection while travelling is a constant issue for people who either live in or frequently travel in vehicles. Camping grounds installed WiFi networks as a result on their property. Even though there are periods when occupancy is fairly low, you must still buy a daily parking pass, obtain a password, or pay for momentary Internet connection alone.

Building edifices

There are several possible meanings for this. One of them involves you stepping outside in the dark to look for open WiFi networks that aren’t locked. Your only option in that situation is to use one of the clever WiFi puns or simple passwords that you should never use to obtain access. Installing a WiFi map app on your smart smartphone is a preferable choice. Users voluntarily upload information about their home Wifi connection to the list, which operates on a contribution basis. They get to use someone else’s while out and about in exchange.

People nearby you

Why not set up a WiFi hotspot when you’re away from home considering that you can do it on an Android device and it’s not much more difficult on an iPhone? Alternately, request a friend, partner, or member of your family to do it on your behalf. They can use their smart smartphone as a little router for you if they have enough mobile data to burn. You won’t need to continuously check WiFi speeds because you’ll be close to the router and get the most out of it. If you can find someone to do it, it’s one of the greatest free public Wifi hotspots, in our opinion.

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