How to Use Your iPhone to Record a Phone Call

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How to Use Your iPhone to Record a Phone Call Apple doesn’t make it simple, but you can record a phone call on your iPhone using these tricks and apps.

There are many reasons why you might want to record an iPhone call. If you’re conducting an interview, you might want to record every word. Or perhaps your grandmother is sharing her recipe for the world-famous apple pie, and you don’t want to forget the key component. Knowing how to record a phone call on an iPhone is also crucial for a variety of reasons, including keeping track of client agreements and having a record of anything your boss says that can be considered inappropriate.

Because Apple forbids the recording of calls on iPhones, you should be aware that it’s typically simpler to record a phone conversation on an Android device (and many of the preceding tactics will work on Android as well). However, there is a valid reason why you cannot record calls on an iPhone. Because Apple values your privacy so much, it won’t give other apps access to your microphone. So, while it is possible to record a phone call on an iPhone, doing so necessitates some ingenious workarounds.

Remember: Recording a phone conversation may be prohibited in several states (and nations). As long as one person participating in the phone conversation consents to being recorded, it is acceptable to record the conversation in other states, such as New York, which only require one-party consent. In other words, a resident of New York is allowed to record a call without informing the other party. However, you might want to let everyone on the call know that you are recording just to be safe.

Once you’ve mastered this technique, learn even more iPhone hacks, including how to look up your call history on an iPhone, find out if someone has blocked your number, and unblock someone on an iPhone.

On-speaker call recording

This is the ideal choice for you if you enjoy a simple existence, but you’ll need two gadgets. You’ll have your talk (on loudspeaker) on the first date; an iPhone or any other speaker-enabled phone will work. You’ll record on the second device. An iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac computer would be suitable for this.

Basically, any speaker phone that has a speaker may be used to make the call and your iPhone can record it. Or, utilise the same Voice Memos app on all your Apple devices to make the call on your iPhone and record it on another one. Your access to various devices will determine everything.

Start recording before the call to capture the full phone call. How to record a speakerphone call on an iPhone is detailed in the steps that follow. Keep in mind that the procedures could alter slightly based on your device’s model and iOS.

  1. Launch the Voice Memos app on your iPhone (or the recording device you are using from Apple).

2. Press the red record button to begin recording.

I’m done now! Now that you’re recording.

It’s now time to place your call. If you’re not recording with your iPhone, you can do it from any phone that has a speaker feature. Simply dial the number and activate the speakerphone on your phone so that not only your voice but also the other party’s voice may be heard and recorded.

Follow these recommendations if you wish to multitask while recording or after you’re finished:

Stop the recording

Here’s an iPhone tip that will be useful when there are lengthy pauses in discussions or when you’re placed on hold: Tap or swipe up on the recording field at the bottom of your screen to make it full-screen while you’re still recording. You can pause your recording here if necessary.

Finished recording

To stop the recording and save your file after you are done talking, use the stop button (or Done if you are viewing in full-screen mode).

Get rid of a recording

Press the stop button, then tap the trash can to remove a recording. Unintentionally deleted a recording? You can recover recently lost recordings in the same way that you may recover deleted images. To view a list of your deleted files, press Recently Deleted on the Voice Memos main page. You only have roughly 30 days to retrieve deleted files, so select Recover to restore your recording.

Rename an audio file

Tap the default title of your recording to change it (your current location, though you can turn off Location-based Naming in Settings by tapping the toggle). The highlighted text will now stand out. Just erase it and type your new title afterward.

Your recording can be duplicated and shared by text, email, AirDrop, and other apps if you’re in the mood to edit, crop, and replace specific segments. Try different things; Voice Memos has a tonne of tips and tactics to assist you record your voice as clearly as possible.

Call recording applications

Even though it’s simple, not everyone prefers using a speakerphone. The best choice for you is probably not to do it if you don’t have two devices. It’s simple to record a phone call on an iPhone without the speaker by downloading the appropriate recording software. These are the apps we recommend for recording phone calls on your iPhone and getting the best sound quality, in no particular order.

Google Voice

Google Voice is one of the simplest call recording techniques available, second only to utilising two devices and speaking on the phone. You can choose the phone or device you want to use to make and receive calls using the app. then choose Calls from the Settings menu. You can toggle to record incoming calls by scrolling down to the Incoming Call option. Simply hit the number four on the keyboard to begin recording after everyone is connected to the call. At the conclusion of the call, press four once more to halt recording. Your phone recording will appear in the Recorded menu option once you’re finished.

This approach has certain additional benefits. If you haven’t already done so, you can register for a Google Voice account and get a free phone number at the same time. It resembles an electronic burner phone. In the meantime, it’s free and really simple to record an iPhone conversation this way. One drawback is that, despite the app’s assistance, it can be more difficult to figure out how to record outgoing calls.

Voice Recorder Rev

Why is this app so fantastic? It is free to use, to start with. While using your phone or other apps, you can record with Rev Voice Recorder. Additionally, recording, sharing, and editing your files are all quite simple. When the conversation is ended, do you want to write it down? The transcribing service offered by Rev will convert your voice recording into text. One drawback of it is that transcribing with Rev costs a little bit more than competing services, but that is because the business uses human transcriptionists rather than machines.


This iPhone call recorder app has a large user base and is accessible in more than 50 countries (4 million at press time). We adore the fact that you can record both incoming and outgoing calls and store them on TapeACall‘s server (that isn’t always the case!). Before a conversation is converted to MP3 format, it is simple to label it. Use the free trial to determine if this is the right recording app for you before you pay for the service. I purchased TapeACall’s full version but found it to be a little unclear. Each call must be initiated by phoning the TapeACall recording number or placing a call and combining it to ensure that it is recorded, a step I sometimes overlooked.


Otter, which is most known for its transcribing services, provides an accessible workaround for recording calls on an iPhone. The procedure is very similar to that of speakerphone recording a phone call. The difference is that Otter also allows you to transcribe calls, which is important if you intend to use certain passages or leave notes for later. However, the software is not for people who require instant pleasure. The processing of the file may take some time before it is ready for you to listen to. Pro tip: Check your transcription while the dialogue is still fresh in your memory to fix any obvious mistakes.

Here are five tools that make recording calls simple. Learn how to halt spam calls and record your iPhone’s screen now that you are aware of how to record a phone call on an iPhone.

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