November’s best Bluetooth speaker deals: Save money on Sonos, JBL, and UE today

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With a Bluetooth speaker, you can bring your music everywhere you go. These speakers are available for a variety of budgets, and you can save money by utilising the discounts shown below. However, these discounts are only available while supplies last, so if you discover something you like, buy it right away.

White JBL Clip 4 — $55, down from $60

Check out the JBL Clip 4 if you’re seeking for the best Bluetooth speakers to improve the sound on your phone or laptop speakers without sacrificing portability. This useful tiny Bluetooth speaker can be quickly and easily attached into your backpack or belt loop while taking up minimal space because it has an incorporated carabiner. It has a lovely appearance and a diverse range of five different colours to choose from. The JBL Clip 4 also boasts an oval form that makes it simple to hold and transport.

Despite its small size, the JBL Clip 4 produces surprisingly high-quality audio. It has a powerful bass with crisp details and can reach pretty loud. Because of this, the Clip 4 is ideal for spontaneous listening sessions with friends, grooving out in the shower, and projecting videos to small spaces. With nearly 10 hours of gaming on a single charge, it doesn’t skimp on battery life either. With the Clip 4 serving as your primary music player, you may travel the length of a day without worrying about running out of power.

With an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating and a maximum depth of 3.3 feet, the Clip 4 also boasts great durability. Even if you shouldn’t exactly dip it in the bathtub, it can handle a splash just fine. It makes a great speaker to take to the beach or swimming pool. You may pair it with your phone, tablet, or laptop without any trouble because to the Bluetooth connection’s excellent stability. The Clip 4 makes a fantastic secondary speaker due to its small size. If your current Bluetooth music device is too big, this will allow you to travel light.

Sonos Roam: $150, down from $180

Although Sonos is more known for its home entertainment systems, the firm also produces excellent portable speakers. Waterproof and portable, the Sonos Roam supports Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, making it simple to pair with your phone or other device. Despite being small and portable, it has excellent sound quality.

The Sonos Roam’s small weight, tough design, and high calibre sound helped it make our list of the best portable smart speakers. It supports voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant and is water and dust resistant so it can withstand outdoor activities.

The Trueplay feature, which automatically changes the audio levels to offer you the greatest sound, is great if you’re picky about your audio settings. And it’s all contained in a packet that lasts for 10 hours. Pick up a refurbished Roam speaker from Best Buy to save money.

JBL Charge 5: $150, down from $180.

The weight of the electronics in your backpack can quickly increase between computers, tablets, power banks, speakers, and game consoles. The JBL Charge 5 is one of our favourite ways to consolidate your gadgets, which is why you should attempt to do it as much as you can. This useful gadget not only functions as a superb Bluetooth speaker that enables you to listen to music anywhere, but it also functions as a battery pack. Even though it has a similar shape and weight to other speakers of a similar size, it can power your gadgets while taking up less room!

With a separate tweeter and two JBL bass radiators, the Charge 5 boasts superb sound quality and an extremely powerful volume level. This implies that you can enjoy surround-sound audio in a large outdoor location. You can start a party without carrying massive speakers around on your lawn, near the pool, or on the beach. And you can just plug your phone into these speakers if it starts to lose a little power. The Charge 5 can play music for up to 20 hours while not in use as a power bank, which is more than enough time for a weekend.

The Charge 5 is waterproof and dustproof like other JBL speakers, so you can take it anywhere. Additionally, it can wirelessly connect to two different devices simultaneously, allowing you and a friend to alternate choosing tunes. Additionally, all Charge 5 devices have a feature called PartyBoost that enables you to pair many nearby compatible JBL speakers and create a stereo setup. This is the simplest method to start a full-fledged party if you have multiple pals who buy JBL speakers.

Black Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3: $197, down from $250

Although there are numerous Bluetooth speakers available, we must recommend the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 if you’re seeking the very finest. One of the greatest portable speakers you can purchase, period, is what we said when we reviewed this speaker. Almost all of the criteria for on-the-go listening are met by this device: strong audio, great use, durability, and long battery life. Whether you want to listen to music by the pool or view movies while trekking, it is the appropriate audio device for practically any environment.

The Megaboom 3’s sound quality is one of its main selling factors. This portable speaker offers one of the greatest soundstages available and plays music in all directions thanks to its 360-degree construction. This results in a sound that is unexpectedly rich and dynamic and has enough loudness for outdoor settings. So even if you’re in an especially noisy environment, you’ll have enough volume to launch a dance party if you turn the Megaboom 3 up to its highest setting. Additionally, you can connect it to any Megaboom speaker that is compatible using the built-in PartyUp technology to create a multi-speaker arrangement.

It also has a beautiful appearance, with a lovely two-tone cloth design that is really tough. To make sure that it can withstand drops and tumbles, the team at Ultimate Ears put this device through more than 25 durability tests. Additionally, it offers IP67 dust and water resistance. You can play, pause, and skip tunes right on the speaker thanks to the simple controls. This means that if your hands are moist or covered in sand, you should refrain from taking out your priceless phone. The Megaboom 3 has a 20-hour battery life rating, which means you can listen for almost an entire day without needing to plug it in.


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