Technology of the present and social life

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Technology of the present and social life In the past, we used to communicate with our loved ones by sending pigeons with messages. We eagerly awaited their letters in response as we waited for our message to reach them. Telegraphs were the primary means of communication back then. We never ceased learning and growing, and technology is where we are today. When compared to more modern technology, such as social networking sites, basic technology allowed us to contact with others via email, however it took a little longer to receive a response. With time, we’ll develop new technologies that will make life easier overall and communication between us much simpler. You can see that technology and social interaction are directly related. Let’s go into more detail on how modern technology is affecting our social lives.

Modern technology’s effect on social life

The way we communicate in our society has changed as a result of modern technology. It has given us resources that enable us to communicate with individuals on a daily basis. With the use of technology, you may still readily connect with anyone, regardless of the social group they are a part of. Our knowledge used to be constrained by the interactions we could have, but thanks to contemporary technology, nothing can stop us now. We may communicate with people from all over the world, expand our horizons, and discover what the world has to offer. We can work together more frequently with like-minded individuals, express ourselves, and discover ways to benefit from social connection. There are two sides to this, as you are all aware, just like a coin. Our physical obstacles to communication have been removed on the one hand, while additional psychological barriers have been put in place on the other. We will examine both of the effects that modern technology is having on our social lives in depth.

The Beneficial Effect

All you now need to access the information that will serve as the basis of what you are eager to create is an internet connection and a device. Almost everything you need is now accessible online, and if the resources you need are restricted to you, you are still given an alternative or the contact information for the people that can assist you in getting those resources. What else could we possibly need? Thanks to modern technology, you always have access to the connections you need and can get in touch with them anytime you want. We have so many social networking sites that make it simple for us to connect with our community. These platforms are purposefully made to be user-friendly so that once users get going, switching to other platforms is challenging. You can instantly contact anybody anywhere in the world with just one click when you need them. This indicates that as a result of modern technology, our social interaction has increased.

The Harmful Effect

Let’s now examine the drawbacks of modern technologies. When was the last time you went out with family, friends, or other loved ones without checking your device the entire time? Please be honest in your response. The likelihood is low, or perhaps you are one of the few individuals who actively utilise technology, or perhaps you are the type of person who is stigmatised as being antisocial since you don’t use social networking sites because they don’t interest you. Even if you decide to limit your use of contemporary technology one day after realising how much it has affected our social lives, you will soon realise how much your life and you depend on it.

Your personal time is the one thing you should prioritise among all the bad effects that technology is having on our social lives. There has been a decline in the quantity of time you give yourself as technology use has increased. This indicates that you no longer give yourself the time you once did because you are constantly communicating with others. The other detrimental effect that contemporary technology is having on our social lives is distraction. How many tabs are open on your computer right now? It would seem that there would be more than three, and this is already very typical. While we are actually only distracted and unable to focus long enough to complete one task at a time, we frequently appear to be multitasking.


To comprehend how modern technology is transforming our social lives, we shall look at some straightforward examples. Collaboration has increased because to modern technology, which is particularly beneficial in the health care industry. What could be more fantastic than experts from around the world working together to create a therapy for a particular ailment utilising modern technology? Or think of the video feature that technology provides, which enables you to be in regular contact with your loved ones who live far away. Modern technology, however, can become a curse if it is not used wisely, which can reduce your ability to communicate and engage with those around you. Your relationships with other people in real life will suffer as a result, and you’ll find yourself continuously looking for meaningless connections in the virtual world that contemporary technology has created.


There would be no contact between some segments of society without modern technology, which has assimilated into society as a whole. Our lives have become simpler while also become more complex as a result of our increased ability to connect with one another. Resources are freely accessible nowadays, and you can use them to improve your life, but contemporary technology has compromised your privacy. Because a single error may cost you everything, you need to be more careful about how you utilise technology to engage with society. If you are unable to successfully manage your social life with contemporary technology, there are penalties waiting for you. Instead than allowing technology dominate you, it is better to take charge of how it affects your social life.

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