Top Android Apps for Audio Editing

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You thought you had to use a laptop or computer to edit audio, didn’t you? It most certainly was. Today, however, finding some advanced audio editing software is not difficult. Check out these fantastic phone apps, which are all accessible on Android, whether you edit audio for work or pleasure and would benefit from being able to do it on the go. Many of these support different operating systems as well.

Everyone, from the novice to the dabbler, the aspiring DJ or musician, to the professional, can use an audio editing tool. Not only that, but there is an app for every pricing range as well! The majority of the apps on this list are offered for free with advertisements. Others charge a cost for purchase but offer several features and tools. Some allow you to pay for the “premium version” that would remove the apps. These are the top Android audio editing apps.

Lexis Audio Editor

People are praising this as “Audacity in an app”! You can now use this programme to make new audio files or edit old ones. It is offered in both a trial edition and a complete paid version. WAV, M4A, FLAC, AAC, and WMA are just a few of the formats available for saving audio files. You can save files in MP3 format if you upgrade to the premium version. This might be a fantastic software to start with if you’re just dipping your toes into the realm of audio editing and don’t want to shell out money for a feature-rich app.


This received a spot in the top 20 paid-for music apps on the Google Play Store, which is no small honour. Given how inexpensive or free most apps are these days, this app’s price is undoubtedly very high, but it includes a number of features and options that make up for it. There are 30 different audio file formats that can be used to save audio files, and the software itself allows you to record and store audio. Additionally, you can take off the vocal track and background noises from an audio recording.

Additionally, if you’re prepared to spend a little extra money, you can add a feature to that software that will instantly convert any speech from an audio file to a text file. That material can also be translated into more than 40 different languages! This might be the best option for seasoned, skilled audio editors in need of cutting-edge equipment.

FL Studio Mobile

This software might have what you’re searching for if you’re looking for some excellent audio editing features as well as versatility while making music files. A “digital audio workstation,” FL Studio Mobile allows you to make music tracks by using or “playing” embedded instruments, like those on a piano roll, keyboard, and drum pad. You can also add more than 130 sampled instruments to those tracks to give them more depth.

The app allows you to edit tracks you’ve generated in the app or uploaded to it, add reverb and echo, and experiment with the equaliser and resonance after you’ve laid down your track. You can also change the loudness of each instrument inside your track. While the software does not now support the import of samples, the creators have stated that they want to do so in upcoming updates, so be on the lookout for those!

Fourth, Music Editor (Smart Mobile Tools)

This free (with advertisements and in-app purchases) app is available to assist aspiring DJs and musicians with their compositions and mixes. This free tool packs a punch with well-known capabilities including audio file chopping, simple ringtone creation, and the capacity to combine two or more MP3 files into a single song. It contains an integrated music player and MP3 recorder and can convert data into a variety of formats. There is also the option to pay for the premium version if the advertisements are interfering with your ability to create. Along with getting rid of those annoying advertisements, you’ll gain access to extra functions like audio file splitting, speed adjustment, reverse audio file playback, and movie to audio file conversion.

Audio Cutter Merger Joiner & Mixer, Version (Android Rock)

The user-friendly UI of this free (with advertisements) software has received praise. The Audio Cutter Merger Joiner & Mixer is ideal for anyone who wants to customise the notification noises and ringtones on their phone or set a different ringtone for that special someone in their life or that goofy friend of theirs. You may edit, clip, merge, and save audio files with this software. You can even assign your freshly created custom ringtones to a specific contact or set them as your default.

Within the app, you may also choose an audio file to serve as your notification sound. Our app’s unique ability to convert video files from MP3 to M4A distinguishes it from the others on this list. Despite providing these sophisticated audio editing tools, users of this programme have praised it for being straightforward and simple to use. Therefore, this one can be the appropriate one for you if you’re new to editing audio files and want to get started while also wanting access to a variety of advanced editing options.

Free WavePad Audio Editor (NCH Software)

The tip to get your loved one to record a voice message using this app and then utilise the image of the WAV as a creative tattoo idea came along with a slew of other ideas for the app. One of the many applications for this app! Despite being free, the WavePad app belongs in the category of cutting-edge software for business usage because of the tools it offers. You can utilise the auto-trim editing option, edit different file types, make recordings, edit audio files, add sound effects, and reduce background noise.

Music Maker Jam (Magix)

For people who desire to create their own original songs, this app’s focus on creativity in music is ideal. By layering various sounds, beats, and loops together, you may make your own tracks using an interface designed for touchscreen use. Additionally, you can record your own instruments or vocals to add to the Mix. When your music is perfect, you may post it on social media and share it with your friends or the entire globe. Additionally, the programme includes a number of pre-made tracks in a variety of genres that you can use as a starting point or source of inspiration for your own compositions. You never know—you might be the upcoming superstar of electronic music!

DJ music mixer: edjing (DJIT)

edjing Mix: DJ music mixer is ideal for anyone who enjoys going to nightclubs and observing DJs at work. With edjing Mix, you can learn how to DJ. You can mix and make tracks on the fly thanks to the app’s ability to be utilised with a controller or only your hands. Along with a collection of more than 50 million tracks that you can access, the programme includes a number of tools and effects that you can use to perfect your music. If you wish to improve your mixing abilities, this programme is for you.

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