Zoom’s pros and disadvantages

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Zoom’s pros and disadvantages It’s incredible to reflect a score of 10 for product scalability, performance, availability, and implementation rating on the Zoom scoreboard. Zoom receives scores greater than 8.5 for its functionality with online meetings, events, and screen-sharing. An fantastic web conferencing system that is cloud-based, simple, and has top-notch audio and video quality. Because it offers a wide range of services to meet business needs, it is the greatest way to conduct business remotely. In a short period of time, it rose in prominence in the business sector. A little subscription is required to run a Zoom meeting with 100 participants. For the larger audience, there are Zoom rooms that can accommodate 500 people. Zoom live on Facebook is a feature of the programme that helps mobile users and social media integration. The two faces of a coin are the head and tail, and the faces of the Zoom app are the same. The app’s benefits and drawbacks coexist peacefully side by side. Let’s start by talking about the benefits.

Benefits of Zoom

Zoom offers a wide range of practical features to satisfy users’ needs for video calling and conferencing. The benefits of Zoom are listed below.

  1. Convenient
    Download, install, and open are the only three simple steps required to install the Zoom app. Because it features a cross-platform conferencing tool, it enables mobile in addition to laptop and desktop. As a result, it functions on Linux, Mac, Windows, and iOS. It encompasses all important functions including virtual meetings and conferences, webinars, online training, and many more and is primarily designed for commercial use. Access to this app is made simple for all clients and coworkers. The customer is fascinated by software features like the Zoom room, simple screen sharing, and outstanding experience in any room. No other programme makes holding video conferences so effortless.
  2. Cost-effective
    Zoom offers free forty-minute meetings, and this length is suitable for use by individuals and small enterprises. It provides large businesses with a subscription-based service, which is less expensive than the costs of business trips. With a variety of solutions available, that is the ideal choice for cost-cutting.
  3. Suitable for conferences
    Zoom’s primary function and goal are virtual conferences. No other provider offers a platform where up to 10,000 people can register for a meeting at once. It is also the greatest option to hold business association events or establish connections with investors for potential future company. To make it easier for guests to participate in the meeting, Zoom also offers the option to stream any webinar or meeting on Facebook. Because Facebook is the most widely used social network and where the majority of us have accounts, it only functions with Facebook. Attendees can use a chat feature during a meeting to interact with one another, ask questions, and express their opinions. As a result, it serves as a unified platform for two-way communication.
  4. Support for Google Calendar
    Google Calendar is used by techies to keep track of daily events. The use of Zoom with this service alerts the staff about the upcoming online meeting. When holding an online meeting, everyone needs to remember it, which is what Zoom accomplishes. In the office, staff constantly remind each other of upcoming meetings. Prior to a Zoom meeting, a reminder encourages preparation.

Negative aspects of Zoom
The same as any other service, Zoom has various drawbacks. usage in general, not just the programme. Zoom has the following drawbacks.

The zoom bomb
Covid-19 switched from an offline to an online working environment, which increased the number of virtual meetings and conferences as everyone was working remotely. Some participants’ carelessness allows Zoom intruders to disrupt the conference call. Zoom bombing is brought on by hackers who are clever enough to accomplish the same thing. If not addressed, this flaw can result in fewer users. In other words, Zoom doesn’t have end-to-end encryption, which compromises security. The conference is disrupted by an undesired participant’s inappropriate behaviour.

No regulation of comments
Like other services, the Zoom app offers live chatbot alternatives as well. The comments can be controlled in a small business company meeting with a few employees. However, the provider is unable to remove the inappropriate chats if it is a public event. Long ago, this problem arose, yet it has yet to be resolved.

  1. Fixed-term subscription
    The entry-level and personal levels of this subscription-based service are less expensive. When there are more participants, it is necessary to acquire a plan that is initially inexpensive but soon gets more expensive. Such an add-on plan, which permits the addition of too many people for meetings just once or twice a year, does not exist. Paying a hefty sum for a year’s worth of conferences is not worthwhile. It must be adaptable.
  2. Reliant on the Internet
    600 MB to 1.7 GB of data are needed per hour using Zoom. As a result, the service cannot be used with a limited data internet connection. The conference needs an unlimited internet connection with a 500 Mbps download and upload bandwidth in order to work smoothly. Delays may also occur when sharing your screen. Its numerous functions necessitate a high level of computing power, which results in considerable power consumption. Longer video conferences suffer from limited battery life as a result.


The Covid-19 pandemic gave rise to novel phenomena like working from home, distance learning opportunities for students and academics, virtual business meetings, and so on. Due to this, Zoom, which was previously unknown but supported 477 million users in 2020, gained prominence. According to rumours, Zoom has a tonne of functions for both personal and professional use. It is a fantastic video conferencing platform for both small and large enterprises. Free 40-minute video calls are an economical option for small businesses. I wouldn’t say it’s faultless, but I believe it was designed to assist us combat the current problems, and it was a success. It will be the best app to use for all forms of communication once the few flaws mentioned above are resolved, along with the security and privacy feature.

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